To shine the light of hope and encouragement for those who wish to explore and develop their creativity.

Quietly instilling confidence with honesty, humility, and charity. Helping people realize a dream is only an idea without a plan. We are the planners.

Chic’s Vision

Cool Water Ripple Books started out as a daydream. Encumbered by the prospects of getting published; I saw people with ideas, with dreams, with a passion to write, create, draw, or paint intimidated by the process. And then there were the naysayers, the folks who for some reason have developed an attitude that crushes spirits and darkens dreams. I came up with the vision of Cool Water Ripple while listening to a song, observing a photograph and a little serendipity added for effect. The song was a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple”. I had a photograph etched in my mind; a branch hovered over a still body of water.

One drop of water dropped from a leaf. The drop created a symmetrical ripple in the calm water. Thus, the image perfectly illustrated an idea creating a ripple effect. And the amalgamation, Calm Water Ripple, became the chosen name. This is where serendipity intercedes. When I was establishing the copyright status of “Molly the Manatee” Liza Donavan, the illustrator and book designer asked me for the name of the company publishing the book. I texted her Calm Water Ripple, but either I misspelled it or my device autocorrected to Cool Water Ripple. I didn’t review it before I sent it off for copyright and serendipity laid her immortal hand upon the destiny of Cool Water Ripple Books. Everything happens for a reason.

“The problem with most people’s dreams is that they just settle on them being dreams” – Unknown

This quote has pursued me since the 1970’s. I observed creative people muddling through the shared experience we call life. I thought; “What if there were a pathway towards dream realization as opposed to the dream stifling reality of reality”. So, I decided to get off my unambiguous perch, step away from the friendly confines of semi-retirement and start cutting a path. This has led to Cool Water Ripple Books (Group). In a little over a year, we have managed to have four books published, welcomed five writers and six illustrators into our orbit. Our company now consists of four very creative people and me.

“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” – Timbuk 3


Our hope is the books we bring to you are:

  • They are full of fun.
  • They make you think and help you learn.
  • They will surprise you.
  • It is an opportunity to reach families in an intergenerational way.
  • They bring you joy and grand memories.